NHL: Islanders Playoff Run Ends, but Vivid Cabaret Girls Say They Should Be Proud of Great Season

The Carolina Hurricanes ended the New York Islanders Stanley Cup dreams, but the Islanders have some loyal and encouraging fans. Among them—the Vivid Cabaret New York girls—exotic dancers who perform at the upscale three-story gentlemen’s club that is known to be a favorite with celebrities, VIPs, and pro athletes from all the major sports.

Vivid Cabaret girl Ruby voiced her opinion, “Hey, no one though they would be one of the final eight teams playing into May. They had a better year than expected. We congratulate them.”

Vivid Cabaret girl Carla added, “They made it into the second round—that’s great. They should be proud. They will do even better next year!”

Vivid Cabaret New York has the city’s tallest stripper pole (26 feet), and the first of its kind “VIP Ultra Lounge.” The club has received rave reviews for its warm hospitality and extensive VIP services.

Vivid Cabaret New York
61 West 37th Street
*** Over 100 Entertainers Daily
*** Three Floors of Luxury
*** Deluxe Suites
*** Roof Top Garden and Smoking Lounge