Steven Spielberg Filming “West Side Story” Remake in Harlem

Move over, Bloods and Crips — the Sharks and the Jets have taken over Harlem.

The screen remake of “West Side Story” filled an uptown Manhattan street with singing and dancing on Saturday, presided over by a smiling Steven Spielberg.

East 131st Street between Fifth and Lenox — 10 years ago a notorious drug supermarket — was transformed into the leaping and stomping ground for 1950s-era hooligans.

Spielberg is in Harlem filming several of the dance scenes for the iconic masterpiece.

Rita Moreno, who won an Oscar for the role of Anita in the movie, will appear in the remake as “Valentina,” a reworked version of the character “Doc,” the owner of the corner store where “Tony” works.

“West Side Story” is set to be released in theaters nationwide this December.