Redskins Legend Joe Theismann Says No to Antonio Brown

The Washington Redskins could definitely use some help in the WR department … but Joe Theismann is warning his former team — stay away from Antonio Brown!!!

“I don’t care who you need. I don’t care what you need … the answer would not come up Antonio Brown,” said Theismann.

“You can give me multiple choice on anyone you want, the one that would not come up would be Antonio Brown.”

For his part, AB has said that he’s done with the NFL … and has re-enrolled in online classes at Central Michigan to kill the time.

Theismann says Brown does “unbelievable” things on the field … but it’s just not worth the baggage that comes with it.

“I wouldn’t want to be on a team with him,” Theismann tells us. “A lot of questions that I would be asked during the course of the week would be about him. It becomes a distraction to be perfectly honest with you.”