Halloween Costume Controversy

Every Halloween, there are some “controversial” costumes that are bound to spark backlash.

On the political front, there’s the “Miss Impeachment” costume, a beauty queen-themed get-up complete with tiara and a whistle — a nod to President Donald Trump’s former ownership of the Miss USA pageant and the Ukraine whistleblower dominating the news. On the opposite end of the political spectrum are the “Fake News Reporter” costumes for men and women.

Another politically-sensitive costume that continues to make waves: the sexy border patrol agent. Spirit Halloween no longer stocks the “Border Babe” costume that caused such a stir in 2017, but similar versions can be easily found online.

And it’s not just costumes that have the potential to be problematic. This week Bed Bath & Beyond came under fire for selling a black jack-o’-lantern, which some say resembled blackface; the retailer has since pulled the item and issued an apology.