Jets Beaten By Bengals, 22-6

Just when you thought the Jets had distanced themselves from the NFL’s bottom feeders, they get run over by the Bengals, 22-6.

Gang Green’s Era of Good Feelings lasted a grand total of three weeks before they were embarrassed, 22-6, by the previously winless Bengals on Sunday.

It was the second time in five weeks that Gase handed an opponent their first win of the season. Rock bottom might have been falling to the 0-7 Dolphins, but this was equally painful.

The harsh truth: Cincinnati out-played and out-coached the Jets (4-8) in every imaginable way, a bitter pill to swallow given its season-long ineptitude. The Bengals had been an unmitigated disaster for three months, a punching bag for the rest of the league, before controlling this game.

The Jets looked nothing like an improving team after a nightmarish first half of the season.

How could a team that scored 34 points for three consecutive games lay an egg to arguably the worst team in the sport? Maybe the answer isn’t that difficult to uncover. Maybe the past few weeks were a mirage against cream puffs. Maybe their success was destined to be fleeting.