Peyton Manning Reveals His Advice For QB Joe Burrow

Barring something absolutely crazy, Joe Burrow will be the No. 1 overall draft pick by the Cincinnati Bengals.

With that top selection comes a ton of responsibilities for Burrow as a rookie, not the least of which is the expectation that he’ll start on Day 1. So Peyton Manning, who also went first overall back in 1998, had some advice for him.

Appearing on SportsCenter, Manning revealed that he spoke to Burrow last week about handling his rookie season. Manning’s advice consisted of learning what he can and becoming a better player.

But Manning also said that he would be more than happy to see Burrow break one of his rookie passing records. He said that he would be OK if Burrow broke his record for 28 interceptions in a rookie season.

The Colts went 3-13 that year, one of only two losing seasons Manning would have in his NFL career.

After going 3-13 as a starter in 1998, Manning led the Colts to a 13-3 record in his second year.

If Burrow is like Manning in his ability to turn a team around, the Bengals will gladly roll with whatever struggles he might endure as a rookie.