Helping Yankee Fans Bounce Back

After their crushing loss to the Red Sox, Yankee fans may take some time to get over it. There will be emotional support groups forming, no doubt.

“I’m sure they all celebrated and were going crazy up in Boston,” said Fiona, an exotic dancer who performs at New York’s top gentlemen’s club Rick’s Cabaret, “but we still love the Yankees, and always will.”

We spoke to several of the lovely Rick’s Cabaret New York girls, and they said they will help cheer everyone up. All it will take is a visit to the friendly confines of their famous club.

“We know how to make people happy,” declared Rick’s Cabaret girl Kristina. “So many hot girls at Rick’s—the party never stops.” Sounds good to us.

“The Yankee season is over,” explained Rick’s Cabaret girl Roxanne, “it’s time for football, anyway!”

Rick’s Cabaret New York features over one hundred beautiful entertainers daily, multiple stages, and a private VIP floor, with discreet suites and luxury sky boxes. The top rated Rick’s Steakhouse on the second floor, under the direction of acclaimed Chef Jayson Margulies, features late-night fine dining.

Rick’s Cabaret New York
50 West 33rd Street
*** Lunch, Dinner, Late Night Dining

Rick’s girls will cheer you up!