NHL: Brock Nelson Leads Islanders

The New York Islanders needed a near-perfect Week 18, but had some disappointing results instead.

Their come-from- behind-win against the Boston Bruins was a dominant one, but the Islanders went winless in their other two games this week. They lost an ugly one in regulation to the inferior Buffalo Sabres, who were able to score a whopping six goals against what’s supposed to be one of the absolute best defensive teams in the game.

The Islanders did earn a point against the Montreal Canadiens but seeing as they’re the worst team in the league and one of the worst in NHL history, the Islanders needed more.

Because these unfortunate instances seem to be recurring, making the playoffs will be a miracle for the Islanders. Someone who’s going to be crucial in this race is Brock Nelson, who was the team’s best player in Week 18.