Major League Baseball and Players Association Reach Agreement

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association reached a new  collective bargaining agreement, finally halting a 99-day owner-imposed lockout fraught with rampant tension and colored by heightened mistrust.

Twenty-six of the 38 union leaders voted in favor of a five-year CBA that saw its members make significant gains with regard to minimum salaries and the competitive balance tax threshold, among other areas. The 30 team owners ratified the deal by a unanimous vote, according to the league, finalizing a CBA that provided them with an expanded postseason field and the ability to place advertisements on uniforms.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, the face of pointed criticism from players throughout the process, said he “could not be more excited about the future of our game” and vowed to work more closely with MLBPA executive director Tony Clark with hopes of bridging a noticeable gap.