New York Giants Have Youthful Team

To say that the offseason was a whirlwind for the New York Giants would be an understatement.

The team conducted an entire overhaul of its front office, followed by its coaching staff. There is almost as much change on the field as there was off of it.

With those changes, the Giants became the fourth-youngest NFL team in 2022. Only the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars have an average age that is younger than the Giants. Their average ages are as follows: 25.3 years (Browns), 25.42 years (Lions), 25.57 years (Jags) and 25.58 years (Giants and Dallas Cowboys).

On top of this youth, the Giants currently have more injuries than any other team in the league, which brings the average age of available players down even further.

There is a bright side to this, though. Younger players are easier to mold, and the Giants have a brand-new coaching staff and front office crew. They will have the ability to develop these players to their way of doing things, which could potentially create longevity in the locker room.